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Welcome to the City of Bath's most complete health and fitness service, a completely unique health service to Bath.

Healthkick Bath is currently run by LifeFit trainer Victoria Rawlinson.

Based in Bath, 'Healthkick' is designed to get you feeling fit and healthy and get you active! At Healthkick, we will work with you to increase your body awareness, improve your flexibility and boost your healthy lifestyle. Come to our offices in Broad Street, or we will come to your home or place of work and after an initial assessment and goal setting session we'll design an exercise and nutritional program to suit you and your life. All sessions are 1-on-1, motivational and therapeutic and are designed exclusively for you and your needs

Our team pride themselves on their level of professionalism. Our trainers have, at least 11 years experience in the fitness, nutrition and weight loss industry and have committed to life long personal development, thus ensuring that you will receive the best quality advice.

We treat each client on an individual basis, in the knowledge that no two individuals have the same requirements. We understand that its not just exercise that changes the way that we feel. We also look at the surrounding stresses that have an impact on your health. These include diet, lifestyle, physical activities and every day work and home life stress levels; we create a programme of exercise and nutritional planning tailored to the individual. Our success is in helping you the client to achieve and to maintain goals.

- free no obligation consultation
- get firm, get fit and drop a clothes size
- About Health and Wellness
- melt stubborn body fat and lose weight
- find out what foods make you tick
- restore your health and energise your body
- hit new heights of fitness
- banish your stress levels
- correct dietary deficiencies
- sustainable safe weight loss
- get beach ready for 2011
- improve digestion and complexion
- Tanita scale analysis
- learn new tailored exercise techniques
- City of Bath's most complete, affordable and personalized health, fitness, weight loss and training service

One of the services that we offer at Healthkick is Food Allergy Testing. Food Allergy can be very detrimental to our wellbeing and can leave you feeling unwell with symptoms which are constant and underlying, leaving with little energy to get on with our day to day work.

To contact Donna directly, or to find out what she does, please visit her website - Allergy Testing UK

Pick up the phone today 01224 470 035 or email directly victoria@lifefit.co.uk and have a chat about how you would like to look and feel. With a combination of your commitment to change, with Victoria and Donna's expertise in health, fitness and Allergy Testing we can start seeing the new you appear within weeks. Vitality and a lean flexibie body are just a phone call away.

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