Our package is tailor-made for your health and fitness and will dramatically improve the way your body looks, performs and feels.

Clients of health kick bath are provided with a tried and tested system of 5 full personal training sessions. This is based on a concept called semi-private training, where you perform an individual personal training session at the same time as two other people.

However this is not an exercise class! It is very much your own programme designed for you personally. The team environment of training with like-minded action takers just like you provides enjoyment, motivation and ultimately results are sky high. Commit to the programme and be prepared to hit new levels of fitness, health and weight loss!

The package also includes a food intolerance and sensitivity testing, plus a vitamin and mineral deficiency test. This can aid weight loss as part of a structured diet plan. After the test Donna will put together a tailored individual nutrition plan.

Having an intolerance to certain foods can greatly impact upon your state of health, immune system and fitness. The good news is that it's relatively easy to do something about these intolerances or allergies.You will discover that the answer to a slimmer, happier and healthier life, without the fatigue factor, excess weight chronic disease or allergies, can simply be achieved through avoiding, replacing or alternating certain foods. Donna mainly recommends that you source all vitamins and nutrients from natural and Organic food sources.

Using a painless, non invasive type of allergy testing the bio resonance machine will test for 81 substances and foods, plus vitamin and mineral deficiences, pinpointing any potential food intolerances and deficiencies which can cause weight gain, tiredness, bloating any many more symptoms.